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Today is the day and now is the moment to choose the life you want.

Your natural state is one of pure joy, abundance, and bliss. These are the characteristics of your self in health and wellbeing, they are innate and attainable. True wellbeing is built upon a strong foundation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What happens to one affects the others, so it is time to pay attention to the messages you are giving yourself and move away from dis-ease and towards your natural state of joy and ease.

The choice is yours.

I am here to support and aid your body, mind & spirit on the journey.

When all of our bodies are aligned and working in harmony, everything becomes possible. Mindful attention to the “peace” of mind, body, and spirit is the most worthwhile investment you could make for yourself, your loved ones and the world. We are all connected, so what one does effects the whole.

Your journey starts here.

Kristina Luce (Anandi)  LMT, CMT

“Kristina is a seasoned, intuitive healer with magnetic hands of light. I feel lighter, more at peace and have a different perspective of my life situation from one session. The energetic feeling of Kristina is layered, complex and completely attuned to what I need in the moment. I am full and empty at the same time. Her healing modality goes way beyond standard massage.”

Amy LaBossiere, Still Waters Pond