Lakulisha and the Two Dog-tags, Part 1

This is easily one of the most astounding stories I have ever heard from Ma. I came across it this evening while doing some work and was drawn to read it again. Take a moment and read it. There is a second part that will knock your socks off! Love, Anandi

Mystical Tidbits

I have decided to tell you a little story. The memory of a very special event that took place many years ago during a difficult time in my life, entered my awareness this morning in meditation. I have not shared this story with more than two people, but this morning I felt moved to tell it to you.

It happened during my morning meditation many years ago. I had begun remembering Lakulisha and the amazing experiences I had had that caused me to think of him as a “heart magnet”, for that he is indeed: His love is literally magnetic, drawing you to him in waves of joy so intense that you stumble over your own feet (if you happen to be on them). The memory of him brought about this same feeling of being drawn to him. It became so strong it was as if he were in the room…

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Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 1, Vs 1

Durga Ma’s blog Mystical Tidbits. This is the beginning of her translation of the Bhagavad Gita Chp.1- V.1 This is her pinnacle work. She has been working at it for over 30 years and is particularly gifted with scripture interpretation and translation.

Mystical Tidbits

Arjuna’s Depression

Dhirtarashtra said:  O Samjaya, about my sons of the field of doers, and the sons of Pandu of the field of dharma, eager to fight, tell me what they are doing.  


Dhritarashtra – Dhritarashtra was the blind king. The name means, ‘one whose empire is firmly held’. 

Samjaya – The king’s minister. The name means, ‘victorious’.

What is going on:

A conflict is about to take place on the battlefield. Dhritarashtra, who was king and is blind, is asking his minister, Samjaya, to tell him what is going on between his son’s army and the opposing army. His son leads the armies of the Kurus. The armies of the Pandavas are lined up against him.

Because Dhritarashtra is blind, he tells his minister, Samjaya, who has the power to see at a distance, to tell him what is going on. The result is that we get…

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